Consulting Services

Our consulting services are aimed at creating high-performance organizations through the integration of the social system (people), technical system (work processes and technology) and the management system into a functional whole. Our consulting services are offered in the areas of:

Total Quality Management

Strategic Management

Organizational Change Management

Learning Organization and Knowledge Management

Management Development

Organizational Change Management

Human Resource Development

Team Building

Personal Development

Core Competencies

Introducing, implementing and sustaining organization-wide quality and productivity improvement efforts

    1. Assisting organizations in crafting appropriate strategies to attain organizational vision and corporate goals
    2. Assisting organizations in managing planned change and organizational transformation successfully
    3. Assisting organizations in enhancing the leadership skills and emotional intelligence of their managers
    4. Conducting diagnostic studies to identify critical gaps in organizational leadership and management
    5. Assisting organizations to develop a healthy organizational culture
    6. Assisting organizations to unleash the latent power of its intellectual capital
    7. Designing, establishing and implementing performance management systems in organizations
    8. Assisting organizations in creating high-performance work teams
    9. Assisting people to reengineer themselves and to acquire the attributes of peak performers

Self-collect (RM150 per copy)

Delivery by Pos Laju in West Malaysia (RM165 per copy)
Delivery by Pos Laju in East Malaysia (RM175 per copy)

Bank Details
Ranjit Singh a/l Sadhu Singh
Maybank: 5142-7150-1840

Self-Collect Address
19, Lorong Rahim Kajai 2

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Kuala Lumpur